Best Garage Floor Tiles

Best Garage Floor Tiles


I have found the best garage floor tiles are the ones that make the homeowner happy. With so many colors like: absolute white midnight black, white midnight black slate, midnight black slate gray, etc. you simply need to select color and amount of tiles you need and away you go.  As you continue to look for garage floor tile reviews, try to narrow down your search by style and price.

Two of the most common places to find garage floor tiles is Lowes and Home Depot.  However, those who are looking for a showroom finish will find upper end, longer lasting tiles at other places.  For those of you who want to find different ideas for garage tiles continue reading.

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I have been asked many times if it is ok to place ceramic tiles in your garage.  You know these are the same tiles you find at Home Depot or Lowes for dirt cheap.  I personally have not seen the entire garage floor layed in tile but I have seen the work area in ceramic tile.  

Click here to read about and get links to the most fabulous garage I have seen in a long time.

Tiles are easy to install, they do protect your cement floor and some of them are as simple as peel and stick tile.  Some companies offer a shop your way rewards which allows you to add as you go.  Simply purchase what you can afford, do the installation and when you have enough money saved up, purchase more tile and install.

The best garage floor tiles will do three things for your cement floors. 

1.  It will protect your floor from spills, drips and leaks
2. It will transform your garage into a party room if you so choose
3.  Provides safety from melting water that can freeze on your floor

Garage Floor Tiles:  Design

Your garage flooring can include custom colors (mentioned above) and many different design patterns.  Take a look at some of the more popular designs.

  • coin pattern
  • diamond trek
  • drainage tiles
  • ribbed flooring tiles
  • levant tiles

Garage Floor Tiles: Investment Worth Every Penny

If you consider your new garage floor tiles as an investment in your home, then it might be a wise choice to find a garage tile that is backed by a good warranty. Most homeowners that own a garage with a tile floor, will tell you the investment was worth it. They might also tell you that you can host a lot of different functions in the garage.  This past year we heard of two different Super Bowl parties being hosted in the garage as well as many different birthday and graduation parties.  The options are endless when you decide to upgrade your garage floor.

American garage floor has a good list of garage flooring products that might be of interest to you.  A place we have trusted for 10 years now is Amazon and they use 3rd party supplies who sell top name Garage Floor Tiles. You will find a large amount of suppliers on the net, just be careful and get some type of guarantee in writing.  It might be a good idea to talk to one of their floor designer rep's, because they can give you a lot of different options you might not thing of. 

The best garage flooring tiles will be free of cracking, chipping, bending, etc. Rubber Garage Flooring is a tile floor made with some of the best material to help your tiles stay new looking for a long time.  

There are times when you're researching garage tiles it becomes confusing because  Vinyl Garage Flooring sound and look a lot like rubber garage floor tiles. You'll see the difference once you look closer at the links provided.

I believe what makes tile garage floors so great is the fact that you can mix and match. You can use your own creativity to lay out a floor that is better looking than some show rooms in your local market.  I like the fact that you can easily remove tiles that are no good, but you can easily change the surface texture to meet your demands.  For instance, I walked over a solid color tile floor but noticed that diamond shaped molding where the vehicles are parked.  Along the walkway they changed it to coin shaped and the places that the homeowner worked it was smooth so he could roll his tool cart wherever he was working.

Remember the big time different between floor tiles and garage floor mats, is the mats usually fit below the vehicle instead of covering the entire cement floor.

Alright, let's dig into the best garage floor tiles and find the right ones for you.

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